Agioklima – Krousonas day trip

Day Trip #2 (by car)

While staying in Agioklima Traditional House, in Petrokefalo, it is worth visiting the area of Malevisi. You can rent a car and go to Pentamodi, which is the village next to Petrokefalo, less than a klm away, and then keep on driving to Krousonas (8 klms from Pentamodi).
Leaving the village of Krousonas, keep on driving following the direction to “Saint Irina Monastery”, it is two klms after Krousonas. The monastery is very old, no one can tell for sure when it was established. There are historical sources of the 16th century mentioning that it was a monastery back then and it also had a school, it was one of the richest monasteries of Crete during the Venetian period of the island. It was destroyed by the Turks in 1822 and renovated at 1940.
The most important thing about the Monastery of Saint Irina is its view! One can see the whole area of Malevisi, all the villages and the city of Heraklio, but also the Cretan sea. The view is truly breath taking!