Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support

Dear visitors

As you may already know, the island of Crete had very few covid-19 cases.
We would like however to let you know, for the safety of all of us, both ours and yours, about our obligations as hosts and also yours as guests of “Agioklima” in this difficult time we are all facing.
Before you step foot inside “Agioklima”, we would like to insure you that everything has been cleaned very carefully, including surfaces like tables and knobs and door handles etc, with bleach. We will give you lots of hand soap and plastic gloves and mini bottles of antiseptic that you can have with you in your excursions in Crete. We do not have masks because many people bring their own washable reusable ones.
After your arrival and our meeting in “Agioklima”, keeping distances, using masks and gloves and all, in order to keep both us and you safe, and because know one can tell for sure if one of the parties is a carrier of the virus without symptoms, the cleaning of the house is your responsibility. In “Agioklima” you will find amongst others, bleach for floors and surfaces.
We will make sure you have a nice and calm vacation staying in the isolated house of “Agioklima”.
We hope -with your help- to remain healthy and strong, all of us.
Best regards
Agioklima Traditional House