Rural tourism on Crete

If you wish to relax with the sounds of nature, meet the traditional way of live of the people in villages by participating in agricultural or stockbreeding activities, meet the authentic Cretan cuisine by helping in preparations or ride in the mountains and the valleys of Crete, the most famous island of Greece, then the ecotourism hotels and villages or traditional cottages are the most appropriate way.

Horse Riding, mountain biking, walk in the woods or the crossing of a gorge, making bread or some traditional cake are only a few of the activities which you will be able to experience while staying in a traditional agrotourist hotel in Crete.
Or else, if you only wish to rest, then your stay in the Cretan countryside will absolutely relax you, giving you endless times of serenity, listening just the sounds of nature.

Officially, in Greece and especially in Crete naturism is not allowed, only in a few licensed beaches.
In non – licensed beaches naturism is sometimes forbidden during the weekends, especially in July and August when many families with their children go for swimming.
But there are small or isolated bays and beaches in all over the island far away from villages and locals that are suitable for nudism and topless sunbathing that is permitted almost everywhere.
At the North, East and West coasts there are no official beaches for naturism. However, along the southern coast of island there are more choice.

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