Agioklima – Pentamodi day trip

Day Trip #1 (on foot)

pentamodi village. A perfect day trip on foot from Agioklima traditional house

If you follow the path which starts underneath the garden of Agioklima Traditional House, you will find yourself in a beautiful small valley that leads to Pentamodi village. Walking down the valley, on your left, through the olive trees, in the middle of this path, there is an amazing location with platans where a small picturesque old chapel is waiting for you to rest. That is the church of Saint Paraskevi.


church of Saint Paraskevi on the way of day trip from agioklima petrokefalo

Saint Paraskevi was a young girl who was arrested and tortured by the empire Antonino in 140 a.C. but survived because of her faith and finally persuaded the empire to be baptized as a Christian.
After your resting at the chapel, if you keep on walking left within the valley, you will end up at Pentamodi village, a beautiful village next to Petrokefalo. The trip is less than an hour on foot and is full of olive trees and vine yards, a typical Cretan landscape. In Pentamodi, you can walk around and maybe have some cup of coffee or a glass of Cretan wine in the taverns of the village, which always serve delicious meals, all based on the Cretan Cuisine and Diet.