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Intellectual tenures

The (intellectual tenure) rights concerning this website, among which understood the texts, images, design, data bases, photo’s, video and remaining (stationary and/or moving) picture material, sound material, formats, software, see (including domainnames) and remaining material rest at Agioklima, its licensors or exhibitors of contributions. This website is exclusively for personally use only available and not commercially. This means that the remaining use has not been permitted, unless for that preceding written authorisation of Agioklima has been obtained. It has not been permitted this site or components of it to frame without explicit authorisation.

Liability Agioklima

Agioklima is extremely carefully with acquisition, production and publication of information on this website. Nevertheless she excludes every liability for possible impact (among which understood direct and indirect damage) that in some respect are related to the use of this website or the inaccessibility of the website, among which understood jammings, discontinuances or errors in electronic subcontracting services requested by means of this website. In the case the information on this website is incomplete, has been contained or mistakes, then Agioklima can not be put here for responsible. Agioklima is not responsible for references to websites of third parties (for example by means of a hyperlink or banner) and for the contents of by third parties offered contribute such as photograph and video material.
Every form of recognition on the picture material whole has been based on chance and no rights can by granted.

Traffic data

To let function this website this way optimum possible and these to be able coordinate on users preferences, certain data is be collected concerning users of this website. This information can be collected by to use of so-called ‘cookies’. These are small text files which are placed automatically by the visited website on your computer. The information in cookie cannot be traced to identifiable a person. Moreover Agioklima never keeps up sensitive information in cookies. User can eliminate the use of cookies by means of the internet options of its browser.
To analyse the use of its website, Agioklima use a web analysis programme. On the basis of your IP-address and possibly your cookie an analysis programme can collect information. An IP address is a number that automatically to your computer is granted if you surf on the Internet. Web servers identify your computer automatically on the basis of the IP address. Your IP address is stored in case abuse occurs. To these use conditions the Greek laws applies. All possible disputes are presented to this end to the judge in Athens. These use conditions can be adapted at any time by Agioklima. For this reason we recommend examining the use conditions regularly.