Speleologicall Club of Crete

Caves of Crete

lasithi diktaion andron

Visit the caves of Crete, an amazing experience of unique beauty.
Half an hour by car from “Agioklima” traditional house are the first caves of Psiloritis mountain, in Sarho.

Caves and Gulves of mountain Psiloritis

Numerous caves of a great variety characterize Psiloritis mountain. There are endless networks of cave-gorges and underground water ways, hundreds of caves and cavities encountered throughout the mountainous mass. This is where ‘Tafkoura’ the third deepest and longest cave-gorge in Greece is located: it is 860 meters deep and there are more than six and a half kilometers of corridors within it. Some of the deepest similar formations in the country are also found here: ‘Tafkos sta Petradolakia’ (Petradolakia grave)(-475m), ‘Diplotafki’ (Double grave) (-400m), ‘Koritsi’ (the Maiden) (-223m), which are present-day networks of flowing waters feeding the largest water sources along the northern shores of the Prefecture of Irakleion.

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